Riverside Education

Christ Centered

Riverside education courses while deeply practical are designed to bring Christ alone as the center and foundation of all true education.

Life Changing

Our courses are designed to be a life changing experience for every student. Come as you are but leave ready to change your world for the better!

Deeply Practical

Classes are deeply practical focusing on real world applications for each topic learned. Hands on is critical in each course.

Join the hundreds of students who have experienced the transformation of true education!

“True education is missionary training. Every son and daughter of God is called to be a missionary; we are called to the service of God and our fellow men; and to fit us for this service should be the object of our education.” MH 395

Life Changing Home Industries:
Design and Tailoring Courses


Step 1: Hand and Machine Sewing


Step 2: Personal Development


Step 3: Wide Variety of Clothing Designed and Sewn

We offer students several choices of practical technical classes covering subjects like tailoring and design as well as Fundamentals of Computer Technology and Scientific Gardening which will equip them to pursue a field of work and study in these areas.

Each student is involved in working in the garden and on the farm for several hours each day. The use of the hands in active labor helps students build character while releasing the mind from the constant pressure of a fast paced learning environment. Come Experience True Education!

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By some, education is placed next to religion, but true education is religion.
Ellen G. White

What Students Say…

“I has a poacher but now I am an evangelist seeking souls!”

Evangelism Student

“Now I can feed you all!”

Scientific Gardening Student